The Babylon Project Base 3.4b (Final) (Mon, 19th May 2008)
This is the final version of The Babylon Project. Visit the official downloads section for download links. Read the installation instructions carefully. Missions and campaigns created for The Babylon Project 3.3 and earlier are not guaranteed to work.

ZATHRAS 2.0 official release(Final) (Tue, 28th September 2010)
The Babylon Project Public Development is proud to bring you Zathras 2.0. This version expands on version 1.0 and is compatible with FS2_Open 3.6.12. Simply it is a patch in the form of a mod that allows you to both enjoy the game as it was originally released as well as experience new features from both Zathras and the FS2 Source Code Project. It is also required for playing multipalyer on FS2NetD.

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