This is an ongoing project to keep a list of links that are important to this project as well as important to the average Babylon 5 fan or someone who wants to know more about Babylon 5.

Babylon 5 sites.

Babylon 5 - Official Babylon 5 site. - Your source for everything Babylon 5.
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 - The infamous Lurker's Guide with detailed episode descriptions and indepth analysis.
Franke's Sonic Images - Christopher Franke's website, the composer of Babylon 5's music.
B5 Tech.Com - This site has a detailed description of most ships featured in this MOD. Great technical site! (Just don't get every little piece of information for granted.)

Freespace sites.

FreeSpace2.Com - The official site that this MOD is based on.
Hard Light Productions - "Bringing Modders Together..."
FreeSpace Source Code Project - Uniting the community to take the source code with fixes and features that the community wants.
Karajorma's FreeSpace FAQ - The source of all answers to FreeSpace related questions.

The Babylon Project fan made campaign homepages.

Tale of EAS Janus - Tale of EAS Janus is a campaign which follows EAS Janus's history all the way from EA-Minbari war.

Other Babylon 5 game or mod projects.

Babylon 5: I've Found Her - A freeware Babylon 5 game. Better than most commercial games of this genre!

The Babylon Project gameplay videos on YouTube.

The Babylon Project intro movie - Our introductory movie played on startup.
Flail Babylon - Music video based on the Raider Wars campaign.

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