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ZATHRAS R1 official release(Final) (Sat, 1st August 2009)
The Babylon Project Public Development is proud to bring you Project Zathras. This patch in the form of a mod allows you to both enjoy the game as it was originally released as well as experience new features from both Zathras and the FS2 Source Code Project. It is also required for playing multipalyer on FS2NetD. Over 5 months in development Zathras includes all kind of bug fixes as well as new content. It's also compatible with FS2_Open 3.6.10 which was released just over a week ago. This allows players and developers to experience the new features the FS2 SCP team has added along with increased stability in gameplay.

2'500'000 tons of spinning metal . . . all alone in the night (Fri, 18 Feb 2005)
"It was the dawn of the third age of mankind"
Babylon 5
It's in the final conversion stage and will most definitely be in the next update.
And for those who actually read the text under pretty pictures, here's a special bonus: Download (Save target as, 16MB, XviD codec required)

Do you want your mission/campaign hosted? (Thu, 13 Jan 2005)
No webspace? Or is the webspace too small, or limited bandwidth? No problem, we can put your content available to
Let it be a mission, or multiple, a campaign or even a mod based on TBP. It can be made available to our bittorrent tracker for others to download.
Read more.

The Babylon Project is requesting for voice actors. (Fri, 7 Jan 2005)
We need voice actors for a large number of missions. At first it is "only" 16 missions, after that we need to re-check who's still available and willing to record voices for even more missions. Please see this thread for more information.

Raider Wars trailer (Wed, 22 Dec 2004)
Download Raider Wars trailer.

Mission designer needed (Fri, 5 Nov 2004)
The Babylon Project is in need of a mission designer to finish one campaign and possibly to assist with other. If you are interested, then please go to Mission designer needed for TBP campaign -thread.

Status update (Thu, 4 Nov 2004)
I guess it is time for a small status update, not really newsworthy in itself but at least you know TBP is still kicking after the downtime, heh.

TBP R3 base, two campaigns and old R1 demo campaign are nearly done. Missions still needs a lot of testing to ensure that they are bug-free, at least no showstopper bugs should be present at the time of final release. As for the base, we're actually missing one last ship. All others we need for R3.0 are done but needs polishing, like glow- and shinemaps for example. Although FirstOne ships are not a priority for R3.0, there is a small change that you will get Vorlons and Shadows in the next release.

We haven't yet decided whether we will call for a number of beta testers or if we handle all testing internally, should we need beta testers, you will heard from us in our forums. And as for how we will release R3.0, our current plans include both FilePlanet and Bittorrent. From FilePlanet the files will most likely spread to other download locations. We are seriously planning to have our own bittorrent tracker for TBP. And we are planning that TBP fans can share their TBP stuff by uploading their torrents to the tracker, so you no longer need to rely on sucky free webhostings. A beta of TBP tracker is already running 'somewhere', and should we call for beta testers, the release candidate will be downloaded by bittorrent.

Release 1 intro movie (Sat, 31 Jul 2004)
The Babylon Project team has released original "Release 1" intro movie to public. This particular intro was never finished, it's still very good intro movie and we thought it would go to waste if people never see it. So further ado, download the intro by clicking this link.

Release 3 status update (Fri, 30 Jul 2004)
A small status update for upcoming The Babylon Project Release 3. Click link below to see the thread.

The Memory of Shadows (Thu, 15 Jul 2004)
Midwinter is updated to contain information about upcoming B5 movie, "The Memory of Shadows". Thanks to FirstOnes for heads-up.

Release 3 (Mon, 12 Jul 2004)
About time to post more detailed news about the upcoming Release 3 itself, so here comes the bomb!

With movement from Volition Watch to Hard Light Productions, we want to present you completely new "The Babylon Project". With pure determination we have taken the necessary steps forward to create a true total conversion. Using upgraded FreeSpace 2 engine provided by FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project, our next major release will be completely stand-alone. The most significant change however is not that The Babylon Project will use fs2_open and fred2_open along with Random Tiger's Launcher, it is the completely renewed release policy.

Highlights of new release policy:

  • No more oppressive release policy which aims to be a professional and a commercial like product. We cannot achieve these goals with unpaid fans of Babylon 5 and FreeSpace without great deal of personal sacrifices.
  • The Babylon Project is thus seperated into two different branches, independent from each other; "base" and "missions".
  • The "base" branch is including but not limited to: ships, visual effects, sound effects and music.
  • And naturally the "missions" branch includes all stand-alone missions and campaigns. Each developed and released independently as their own releases.
With this, we can achieve:
  • The Babylon Project "bases" are released more often, with no delays from unfinished missions, the bases can be released as soon as they are finished.
  • All stand-alone missions and campaigns can be released as soon as they are finished, no need to wait for "official big release".
  • All this means that you will have more releases more often and more to play with!
At least that's what we hope to achieve with this. So far so good...

Base branch - Highlights of upcoming "Release 3:"
  • Stand-alone. "Release 3" and newer no longer require original Freespace 2 to work.
  • Upgraded FreeSpace 2 engine by Freespace 2 Source Code Project.
  • Little by little, we will be aiming to make use most of the new possibilities of fs2_open and fred2_open. This means cooler effects and higher-poly ships with little or no cost of framerate! And this is but a peak of an iceberg...
Mission branch - Highlights of upcoming main campaign - Earth Alliance Civil War:
  • Skullar, author of the main campaign is currently finishing his campaign script, after this we will begin actual mission designing.
  • The campaign's final version will have full voice acting.
  • In this massive campaign you will personally experience the infamous Earth Alliance Civil War, beginning from the assassination of President Santiago to the final battle in the Earth space.
  • Targeted number of missions is 46!

TBP Open Art Contest! (Mon, 12 Jul 2004)
Mr. Fury has opened up the floor to the public to create upgraded graphics for TBP Release 3. To take advantage of FreeSpace Open's optimised performance with high-resolution artwork, TBP is looking for revamped skyboxes and planet maps in particular. All you need to do is download Release 2, and then follow a few simple steps - and you could be on your way to making your mark on one of the biggest FS projects ever!

If you can pitch in, head on over to the TBP forum and submit your efforts. Good luck, everyone!

The Babylon Project Nears Release 3 (Wed, 07 Jul 2004)
The Babylon Project is in need of help to get to its third release - which, as mentioned before, will run totally off FreeSpace Open and be a standalone product from FreeSpace 2. UV mappers and texture artists are required. Head straight to their forums if you can assist!

Big Policy Changes At TBP (Tue, 6 Jul 2004)
Now that The Babylon Project is at HLP, Mr. Fury has publicised the new policy that TBP is running under. There are a lot of changes, and among the most significant points are these:

  • There will be no R2.1.
  • R3 will not have any missions; missions and campaigns are released and downloaded seperately.
  • R3 will use fs2_open and fred2_open.
  • R3 will be stand-alone, it will not require FS2 anymore.
  • Mr. Fury's full full write-up is a must for anyone following this project. Make your comments in their shiny new forums!

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